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Testimonials From Our Students

"After spending countless hours researching and reviewing coach training, I had come across Erickson and their Art & Science of Coaching Program. I was impressed by the detail of their curriculum and decided to reach out to their faculty. I was so impressed with their approach and support that I actually signed up on a Friday for their next available program (which was starting on the following Monday). From even the first class, we were provided not only a real toolkit and process for coaching, but we were provided an instructor-led learning environment that was inviting, collaborative, and really supportive of me as a coach and student at the same time. Outside of class, we had the opportunity to network with our classmates, do micro-learning, and have practice sessions that were fun and enjoyable. I began to actually look forward to class every week - which is something I never thought i'd say. Their online coaching exceeded anything I had previously experienced in terms of online training. If you're thinking of considering coaching, then you've arrived where you need to be. Give Erickson a try and you won't look back!"
Rob Oddi
Organizational Change Management Consultant
"I feel so much closer to my mission after just 4 days. I also appreciate all the [coaching] tools that I am now familiar with!"
P. Toniolo
"I found everything we learned to be very useful and relevant to my objectives of helping people and becoming a coach."
Lisa Reinhart
"After years in international business consulting followed by a career as an MBA prof, it was nice to be able to get my ICF certification from a company that had a global appeal. When I started with Erickson, I never envisioned that I would end up having an international coaching network and clients from around the globe."
Dr. Steven Purse
Professional & Career Coach
"The 5 Solution-Focused principles are more complete than some other coaching schools that stop with the statement that clients are creative, resourceful, and whole. It exemplifies why I chose Erickson for training over other schools."